ESSDERC 2008 : 15-19 September 2008 - Edinburgh- Scotland

Final Announcement and Call for papers

ESSDERC & ESSCIRC 2008 will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 15-19 September 2008.
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ESSDERC 2008 : General scope of the conference

The main themes for original contributions to be submitted to ESSDERC 2008 include (but are not limited to) the following:

Advanced Devices

CMOS scaling; high performance, low power, and low voltage devices; SOI, SGOI, and SiON devices; SiGe, Ge, and strained devices; nano devices and related device physics; double and multi gate transistors; high mobility and ballistic devices.

Process & Integration

Advances in integration for ULSI; SOI, SGOI, and SiON processing; 3D integration; new materials for CMOS; ICs patterning techniques; gate dielectrics; high k; gate stack and junction technology; silicidation; interconnects; low k dielectrics; damascene processing; cleaning and surface preparation.

Telecommunication & Power Devices

RF CMOS; passives; antennas; filters; resonators; inductors; RF MEMS/switches; SAW, BAW, and FBAR; oscillators, HBT; HEMT; bipolar devices; BiCMOS; high voltage and high power devices; SiC; high temperature operation; CMOS compatible power devices.

Modeling and Simulation

Compact, numerical, and physical modelling; device simulation; behavior models; quantum mechanical and non-stationary transport phenomena; ballistic transport; scattering models; process dispersions, parameter fluctuations, variability; TCAD; mixed electrical-thermal modelling and simulation.

Charactrization and Reliability

Characterisation techniques; parameter extraction; advanced test structures and methods; noise; gate dielectric, device, and interconnect reliability; CHE effects; NBTI; SILC; memory retention; processinduced damages, ESD, EMI; defect monitoring and control; metrology.

Memory, SoC & SiP

Embedded and stand-alone memories; DRAM, FeRAM, MRAM, PCRAM, CBRAM, Flash, SONOS; nanocrystal memories; single and few electron memories; 3D IC stacks; integrated MEMS and NEMS; integration of detectors, sensors, and actuators; CCDs and CMOS imagers; optical onchip communication, optical links; display technologies; TFTs; IC cooling techniques; SoC and SiP packaging; microsystem packaging.

Emerging Technologies, Sensors & Actuators

Nanotubes; single-electron, molecular and quantum devices; spintronics; self-assembling structures and emerging materials; photonic devices; light emission, APDs, single photon detectors; polymer transistors, sensors, light-emitting diodes and optoelectronic devices; flexible displays; biochemical sensors and actuators; microfluidic devices; micromachining; MEMS and NEMS.

To further emphasize the interactions between the device and circuits communities especially in the domain of emerging technologies, the conference will offer joint sessions.

Joint ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Sessions on:

Sensors and Imagers
Integration of IC designs with other technologies and materials
Yield and Reliability related technology developments
Design for Manufacturability.

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