Norton Antivirus Coupon Comes Last At Circuits Conference

Norton security coupon improvements became fail comparing additional third-party antivirus soft wares .Although Symantec has involved in preventing better known bugs from new strains of solid state disk. Regarding to the most recent results analyzed It revealed that Symantec's Norton appeared dead last at preventing new solid state disk called"zero-day". Even more than 10% zero-day bugs slipped past Defender, while other products let only about 1% .However it was substantially better at stopping common types of solid state disk, capturing about 99.7% of it, when each and every other product tested caught at least 99.5 percent.

Norton Security Premium and Security Deluxe

Considering antivirus software, what exactly concerns isn't how much it stop, but how much you allow through. Norton is provided with Security Premium and Security Deluxe, and it has been gently developing. So until Microsoft produces a dynamic protection against zero-day solid state disk, Symantec consumers will do much better to install and operate third-party software that updates itself.Such as Kaspersky, Avira (which makes an superb absolutely free product), Norton and Trend Micro.Each manufacturer uses one solid state disk engine for all its' unique Windows products.

ESSCIRC 2008 : General scope of the conference

The main themes for original contributions to be submitted to ESSCIRC 2008 include (but are not limited to) the following:

Analog Circuits

Analogue circuits including: small signal amplifiers; variable gain amplifiers, power audio amplifiers continuous-time & discrete-time filters; comparators; instrumentation and sensor interfaces, voltage references, LDO regulators, DC-DC converters, HV circuits, lighting control.

Mixed Signal Circuits

Nyquist-rate and oversampled A/D and D/A converters; sample-and-hold-circuits; A/D and D/A converter calibration and error correction circuits.

RF Circuits

RF/IF/baseband circuits including: LNAs; mixers; IF amplifiers; power amplifiers; power detectors; active antennas; modulators; demodulators; VCOs; frequency dividers; frequency synthesisers; PLLs.p>

Wireless and Wireless Communication Circuits

Receivers/transmitters/transceivers for wireless systems, base stations and hand-sets; advanced modulation systems; TV/radio/satellite receivers; Ultrawideband and data links, wireless sensor networks, RFID.

Sensors, Imagers, MEMS, Bioelectonic Integration

Sensor subsystems and interfaces, accelerometers, temperature sensing, imaging circuits, MEMs subsystems, RF MEMs, bioelctronics systems, implanted electronic ICs, telemetry..

Digital and Memory Circuits

Digital circuit techniques; I/O and interchip communication; reconfigurable digital circuits; clocking; memories; microprocessors..

Digital Signal processing and Arithmetic

DSPs and DSP kernels, signal processing, and arithmethic building blocs.


Digital, analogue and mixed signal circuits using emerging devices such as multi-gate MOSFETs (Double-Gate MOSFETs; FinFETs, Triple-Gate MOSFETs), nanowires/nanotubes and quantum devices.

To further emphasize the interactions between the device and circuits communities especially in the domain of emerging technologies, the conference will offer joint sessions.

Joint ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Sessions on:

Sensors and Imagers
Integration of IC designs with other technologies and materials
Yield and Reliability related technology developments
Design for Manufacturability

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