Security Still A Major Subject As ESSCIRC Heads To Australia for 2016

The regular ESSCIRC and ESSDERC conferences will take place later this year-mid-September, to be precise. It is however incredible that most people do not understand what these conferences are really about, even as we head into the 41st of them, which is scheduled to be held in the Australian city of Graz.

ESSCIRC and ESSDERC are forums created for the sole purpose of monitoring and understanding the concept of solid state circuits and devices. These meetings pull in professionals from technology and computer science fields, seeking for reports on what has been achieved and initiating a push for more aggression in the field. While the two forums deal with slightly different concepts, their seminars are actually held in parallel basis, as happened in Bucharest, Romania in 2013.The same is expected to happen in this year’s event.

Solid State Devices

solid state devicesSolid state devices confine their capabilities within a solid material, as opposed to traditional concepts that had a heavy lean on gas-discharge and vacuum tubes. If for example, a solid storage medium is built into a system, it becomes very easy for the users of that particular machine to retrieve data, an ease that is seen as instrumental in the proliferation of modern technologies.

Over the last ten years, there has been a heightened push to increase the production of sophisticated integrated chips. While the technologies they use are amazing, what is more fascinating is their ability to manage data and processes in ways that were difficult to conjure in the past. Experts argue that most of these chips, a majority of which use silicon technology, are a secure form of storage and circuit management. It is easy to understand this obsession with security. Since the turn of the century, digital media has been faced with the challenge of hacks, attacks and even malicious hits by programs out of the scope of current technologies. There has always been a need for digital and integrated inventions that help us stay wary of these issues and work towards minimizing the eventuality of them happening.

ESSCIRC and Norton Security

Now, we are going to see the relationship between these two concepts and how they interact. At the core of the push for secure solid-state devices is the need for powerful anti-virus software. ESSDERC and ESSCIRC see these bits of software as key in the development of chips and semi-conductors. It is not difficult to make a connection with this line of thought because of what science already knows as tried and tested. For example, today there are portable anti-virus outlets that offer solid-state capabilities for the detection and disinfection of viruses from within a computer. These anti-virus programs produced by Norton can actually be used over a network, after which there are opportunities for re-use, upgrading and evaluation. Also, a norton coupon was recently released in order to make this new method known to public.

ESSCIRC Conference

esscirc conferenceThe discussions in this year’s conference are expected to have a heavy lean towards the continuation of solid state progress and security policies raised in Bucharest, Romania, 2 years ago. While solid state devices are horribly complex to get hit by a virus, there is still a need for caution, which is why various anti-virus software with cross-platform applicability is being sought after. Some other key issues to be discussed in Australia include analogue circuits, data converters, frequency generation, power management/energy scavenging as well as a raft of others.

PSPrint Sponsoring The Conference This Year

Since this conference is expected to surpass our expectations in regards to attendance, PSprint, the online printing service, will be covering all the expenses for the brochures, banners and posters needed for the lectures and presentations. A PSPrint coupon will also be given to every member of the conference once they register.

ESSCIRC and Parallels, Inc. Software

hostgator and esscircParallels is currently working closely with labs manufacturing electronic circuits and solid state devices to incorporated in to their state-of-the-art software. Parallels desktop gives user the possibility to work Windows in an Apple computer without switching. More over, the company has created a unique parallels coupon for the users.

Applications Of ESSCIRC On Vision Lenses Production

zenni optical couponOn the 2nd day of the conference we will have the opportunity to see live one of the newest applications of solid state circuits. Zennioptical.com, the glasses manufacturer and vendor has recently applied solid state circuit technology on the production of the lenses and frames. The production manager of Zenni Optical will give a presentation on how they incorporated ESSCIRC in their production. After the show, all attendees will get a free zenni coupon to get a discount on their next purchases of sunglasses or prescription glasses.